Welcome to our Kea Room—

Tukua kia tū takitahi ngā whetū o te rangi

“Let each star in the sky shine its own light”

Our Kea room is a space dedicated to nurturing and empowering tamariki aged 18 months – 3 years. A place where your little one begins to unfurl their wings. We’ve created a runway, working together with whānau, to allow tamariki to delve deeper into their interests and take those bold steps towards exploration knowing they will be safely supported by their kaiako.

One of our key strengths lies in our low teacher:child ratios, ensuring that every child receives that attention and care. We believe that building a sense of safety is paramount; it’s the foundation upon which children can confidently take flight and embrace new challenges. This allows our tamariki to take risks through exploration, experimentation, and to learn through hands-on experiences.

Our dedicated team of kaiako guide with love and passion, helping each child navigate the emotional landscape of toddlerhood. The integration of sensory and social-emotional learning plays a pivotal role in our teaching.This approach creates an enriching and nurturing environment that fosters the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth of our tamariki. These essential skills not only promote immediate well-being – helping to regulate, build relationships, and effectively communicate – but also set the stage for a lifetime of positive growth and development.

In our Kea room, we celebrate the wonder of this magical phase, where curiosity knows no bounds. We hope to provide an environment where your child can spread their wings, take risks, and embark on this next journey with strength and resilience.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

George Bernard Shaw

The Kea gallery—

Our Kea Kaiako—

Barb Macandrew
Head Teacher (Kea)
Grad Dip Teaching (ECE), Person Responsible
Brooke OConnor
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE), Person Responsible
Lauren Norrish
ECE Educator (In training)
Grace Allan
Bachelor of Education (Primary), Person Responsible
Nikki Van Beek
Grad Dip Teaching (ECE), Person Responsible

Support staff—

Sarah Macfie
Centre Director/Manager
Graduate Diploma (ECE), Bachelor of Education (Primary), Person Responsible
Kylie Lindsay
Curriculum Leader
B.Ed. Teaching (Primary)
Alice Rose
Julie Pilley
Office Administrator
Kaori Yagi
Centre Cook
Marg Hale
Centre Support