About us—

Nurturing hauora tamariki through a co-created foundation of exploration, aroha, curiosity, joy and imaginative play.

At Riverside tamariki are treasured as the unique spirits they are, and our team wholeheartedly believe in building a space for them to thrive, grow, and succeed in.

Your pēpi are cherished in a home away from home by kaiako who build connections with each and every family; discover the sense of belonging and whanaungatanga you’ve been searching for within the Riverside community.

Our values—


// Kinship

Strengthening the connection between whānau, tamariki, kaiako, and Wānaka hapori.

We foster an environment where tamariki and their whānau feel a sense of belonging here. Riverside is a community for families, of families. In promoting whanaungatanga we create meaningful bonds between child and child, child and teacher, and teacher and whānau.


// Guardianship

Strengthening the connection between whānau, tamariki, kaiako, and Wānaka hapori.

Our tamariki thrive when they engage with nature, learn about the natural world, and build a respectful connection to the earth around them. Through Riverside, children expand their appreciation for the land, water and life around them. Equally, we are the kaitiaki of their environment, maintaining a place that is safe for them to grow and succeed in.


// Study

As we teach, we learn. As we learn, we teach.

Teaching at Riverside is collaborative and joyful. Our Kaiako, teachers, promote child lead learning, where tamariki are encouraged to explore their interests and passions with purposeful play. Our learning culture is dynamic and responsive and listens to the needs of each child, in each moment.


// Care

Nurturing eachother’s Kete.

Riverside leads with kindness and warmth within a supportive learning environment. Tamariki are encouraged to explore social skills, build self-esteem and learn to care for others in a safe and loving space. When we fall, we pick each other up again.

Meet our local owner operators—

Sarah Macfie & Lachie Anderson

Meet Sarah Macfie, the heart and vision behind Riverside, holding a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE).

Sarah’s passion for early childhood education is the cornerstone of Riverside, where she has created an environment that celebrates the joy of learning and the spirit of discovery.

With her expertise and dedication, Sarah ensures that every child receives personalised care and a rich educational experience, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Alongside Sarah, Lachie holds a key role in the running of our centre. He is less involved in the day to day running of the centre however – is our go to when we need anything made, fixed or installed. Together, Sarah and Lachie work together to make managerial decisions to achieve our vision for our centre.

Our philosophy—

At Riverside Educare, we cherish both our bicultural heritage and the multicultural tapestry of our local community, which guides our approach in everything we do.

Our core values revolve around fostering respectful and meaningful relationships with tamariki and whānau.
Our team of friendly, empathetic, and passionate kaiako places a strong emphasis on authentic partnerships and continuous growth through professional development. Within our nurturing environment, we prioritise our tamariki having freedom to engage in spontaneous play and treasure the learning opportunities presented by rituals, routines, and one-on-one interactions. Authentic teaching and purposeful learning environments are cornerstones of our philosophy, encouraging active participation.

Our spacious playgrounds promote physical challenges and risk-taking within a safe space. Moreover, our kaiako love for the outdoors and nature enriches our teaching and learning experiences, both within Riverside and in the surrounding community.

Our centre—

Outdoor play

At Riverside, we have a profound commitment to outdoor play, regardless of the weather. Nature exploration and outdoor adventures are deeply embedded in our identity and values.

Our expansive grounds offer endless opportunities for exploration and play. Children can enjoy large sandpits, an all-weather track perfect for bike rides, and even a mini 'mountain' and 'stream' that invite them into the magical world of mud play, digging, and water adventures.

Riverside's outdoor playground sets us apart from the rest. It's thoughtfully designed with separate spaces for infants and a sprawling shared area for toddlers and preschoolers. 

We're dedicated to fostering both physical development and imagination in our children, and this outdoor wonderland is where it all comes to life.

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At Riverside, we cherish the chance to take our tamariki on exciting excursions and delve into the wonders of our local community. Our little adventurers find immense joy in exploring the treasures our beautiful region has to offer.

Every week, our Kea and Kahu tamariki embark on nature exploration journeys as part of our Kanuka Kids program (Mini Kanuka Kids for our Kea room!). These outings provide a wonderful opportunity for our tamariki to connect with their environment, uncover local stories, and experience moments of pure wonder.


At Riverside, our heart lies in cultivating warm, trusting relationships that underpin everything we do.

In an environment where respect, care, and free exploration reign, children learn and grow at their own rhythm. Inspired by Te Whariki 2017, we guide our tamariki to become assured learners and communicators, rooted in a strong sense of belonging. It’s within this secure embrace that our children are truly ready to learn and thrive.

Our rooms—

Weka Room


Kea Room


Kahu Room


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