Welcome to our Kahu Room—

Hāpaitia te ara tika pūmau ai te rangatiratanga mō ngā uri whakatipu

“Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence, and growth for future generations”

Our Kahu room is a place of adventure and self-discovery for our pre-school aged tamariki. Our dedicated kaiako are enthusiastic guides on this journey, committed to the encouragement of our children through a holistic approach that combines child-led learning, building social relationships, and helping tamariki to gain a profound understanding of themselves that extends to others and their surroundings

We believe in the transformative power of nature and play-based learning. We provide a rich tapestry of opportunities, each designed to prepare our learners for the next step in their journey. Our room is filled with captivating provocations that cater to every unique interest, ensuring that each child’s curiosity is encouraged and their individuality celebrated.

In our Kahu room, we foster community, environmental stewardship, and resilience in our tamariki. They connect with nature through initiatives such as backyard trapping, partnering with WAI Wanaka to protect waterways, and projects like carpentry and gardening. These experiences emphasise sustainability and teamwork, moulding our tamariki into budding environmentalists, eager to share newfound wisdom and grasp life’s interconnectedness. We wholeheartedly embrace hands-on, messy play, encouraging our tamariki to revel in the mud, sand, and puddles. These experiences nurture resilience and adaptability, revealing that growth often springs from the unexpected. This process builds their physical and emotional strength, preparing them to thrive in a dynamic world.

Above all, our Kahu room is a place where children embark on a voyage of selfdiscovery. Through creativity, imaginitive play, and guided reflection, children develop a deep sense of self-identity, building self-esteem and confidence. We cultivate a love for learning that will stay with our tamariki throughout their lives, setting the foundation for a bright and promising future.

Nurture the seed and it will blossom…

The Kahu gallery—

Our Kahu Kaiako—

Jo Horton
Head Teacher (Kahu)
Bachelor of Education (ECE), Person Responsible
Amanda Everingham
Diploma of Secondary Education, Grad Dip Teaching (ECE), Person Responsible
Janne Wilcox Clarke
Dip. Teaching (Primary)
Renee Tsang
Dip. Teaching (Primary)
Tash Dunn
Grad Dip Teaching (ECE), Person Responsible

Support staff—

Sarah Macfie
Centre Director/Manager
Graduate Diploma (ECE), Bachelor of Education (Primary), Person Responsible
Kylie Lindsay
Curriculum Leader
B.Ed. Teaching (Primary)
Alice Rose
Julie Pilley
Office Administrator
Kaori Yagi
Centre Cook
Marg Hale
Centre Support