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(If you have any custodial arrangements or court orders concerning your child a copy must be provided for the centre)

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Privacy statement

All early childhood services must meet their responsibilities under the Privacy Act 2020, which include providing a Privacy statement on enrolment agreements which meets the requirements of that Act (see Principle 3 - Collection of information from subject).

Additionally, all Privacy statements must include the exact wording below:

Personal information about your child collected on this enrolment form is shared with the Ministry of Education who store it securely and treat it in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. Information is disclosed to the Ministry:

  • for funding allocation purposes
  • for monitoring purposes
  • to allow the assignment of a National Student Number* to your child, and
  • to allow the Minister or Secretary of Education to exercise any of their other powers or responsibilities under the Education and Training Act 2020, and as permitted by Privacy Principles 10 and 11.

Completed forms may also be viewed by Ministry officials on request for the purposes of monitoring and licensing.

* A National Student Number is a unique identifier for your child within the education system. You can find more information about National Student Numbers and what they are used for at

National Student Number (NSN) » NZQA

Early childhood services can find out more information about NSN assignment – including acceptable identity verification documents – at: National Student Numbers (NSN) – Education in New Zealand

The Ministry recommends keeping a record of identity verification documents that have been sighted, but not retaining copies of identity verification documents, which if received, should be securely destroyed once verified. 

One of the following official identity verification documents will need to be sited by staff:

  • New Zealand birth certificate
  • Foreign birth certificate
  • New Zealand passport
  • Foreign passport